The Making of Skjult (Hidden)

On Location, with Kristoffer Joner and Alligator Film- Norway

The Making of Skjult

In 2009, Alligator Film Norway released "Skjult." The following year, After Dark Films (Horrorfest) released the DVD in the US, entitled as "Hidden."

One the best horror movies ever made. Not your conventional blood, guts and gore film, but rather a refreshing take on the classic haunt. Lacking sex scenes and computer generated imagery, Norwegian director Pål Øie relied heavily on the skill of his actors. An engrossing film with powerful music and stunning cinematography.

After a 19 year absence, Kia Koss (KK) arrives back home to attend to his dead mother’s affairs. Once inside her house and alone, Kia’s reality slowly changes…..Kia’s mother was a cruel woman, who severely abused him throughout his childhood. Marked as a psychological thriller/ horror, yet you are never entirely certain if Kia was the murderer or if he was simply being haunted by someone or something...

Kia Koss is played by award winning actor Kristoffer Joner. Pål Øie is the masterful director who also wrote the screenplay. Read about another Øie and Joner horror collaboration from 2006 Vildmark (Dark Woods)

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Production- Alligator Film

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